Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gone too long

I have been stitching just not a lot of blogging. I hope to have some pictures to show you tomorrow. Work is starting to slow until after the holiday's and I am very excited to have the week of Christmas off.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Prayers for our wound solider

Please pray for my husband's cousin Stephen Marcum who is in critical condition. He was fighting in Afghanistan & they were attacked. A bomb went off near them & he was injured with part of his chin being blown off. He has a broken leg, both arms are broken, & his brain is swelling. He was flown to Germany & if the swelling goes down he will be state side at Walter Reed on Friday one week since we were notified of his critical injuries. I just beg everyone to pray for him, his wife who is 5 months pregnant and their three year old son. His mom, dad, & wife will be going to meet him at Walter Reed on Friday. Please pray for his recovery & support for his family. It has been hard to think of anything else this week & have forgotten things. I will just be so glad to know he is in the states. I ask for prayer many many prayers. Thank you all so much. I will try to find a picture to post of him.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pillow Talk

Here is my changes on a LHN design. I had already stitched it the way the pattern stated but then decided to make a few changes then finish it into a pillow. I am really pleased with how it turned out. Sorry for the glare. It is such a sweet little pillow. I need to sew the bottom shut.

Right now I am stitching Halloween stuff so it can be done for the first part of October when I get it all out. I would put it out in September but the family frowns on it. I love decorating for Halloween.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Still Alive

I can not belive that I have not been able to post since March. I have been workin over time with no break or end in site. I am thankful I have my job since we lost a very large account and downsizing has already began. There is no information about how many or what departments so for now i just keep working as hard as I can without focusing on what might happen.

August is a very busy month for us. Our boys turn 5 & 15 the first week. Then my daughter is getting married on the 15th. School starts back up for the 15 year old who begins his freshman year of high school. How the time flies.

The wedding so much to do and it is almost here. This weekend I am supposed to put together a slide show of their pictures from birth until now. They have dated since their sophmore year adn have been out one year in May so there are lots of pictures of them over the last 4 years together. I am excited about the wedding and he has already been in the family so long it just seems like he was already in the family. lol Next Saturday is the big day! Then Sunday is the family birthday patry at my house for the boys!

I have been stitching. I was asked to make a halloween pillow for a Secret Auction at work. I chose a Lizzie Kate design. Here is the finished picture.

Here is my progress on Lizzie Kate's Boo Club I am starting Creepy today while scanning pictures. I love this series. I just hope to have it finished and framed by the first part of October when I decorate for Halloween.
I have a few other things I have stitched but I haven't taken pictures so maybe I can add those later this week. I hope to get back on track with the blog once the wedding is done and school starts. I have all the beans, tomatoes, & blackberries frozen just have cucumbers left. I love summer. Hope everyone is well and enjoying their summer.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Finally a post..............

Where to begin. Working 10 hour days and a 40 minute commute takes up most of my days. When I finally get home there are kids & dogs begging for attention. Throw in dinner/dishes, homework/bathes, & my 70 minute work out and the day is almost completely over. The only stitching I have done lately is done on breaks at work and during the first 15 minutes of the news. So it is really a miracle when I get extra stitching time. I will say I do cherish every little bit I get.

This last week was Spring Break for my oldest son. We started it off with a funeral of a class mate. I have to say it really hit home for me having one the same age. When you add in that I had met her and my son was friends with her it was very difficult to accept her death and hard to cope. I can not begin to know what her family is going through. I kept thinking how much work these kids are but if one of them were gone I would be completely lost. I honestly do not know how I would get out of bed to go on. I have prayed for her family everyday. I do not know how I would deal with my child taken his own life. So I turned this all over to God and am continually praying for the family and everyone she touched in her young life.

I did find time today to make my finished Lizzie Kate "Love" stitched piece into a pillow. I am very pleased with how this turned out. I just need to hand sew the bottom shut.

I have one more piece I am going to go sew up it is a Little House Needleworks pattern. I hope I can get it completed today.
I have been stitching on Bent Creek's Summer Snapperland. I have all four block completed and 1/2 of the border. I want to get it completed so I can get it framed and hung for this summer. I am also stitching on Lizzie Kate's Boo club I am all the way to spiders and just need to finish the border to with spiders and I will stay caught up on the border also. I think I need to do a quick Lizzie Kate Easter kit so I can display it for Easter. Well I am off to do laundry, stitching, & sewing. I hope this post finds every one well.
Until next time happy stitching.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stitching and working

I have been stitching. I have really been working. I am currently stitching Bent Creek Summer Snapperland. A very wonderful friend loaned me her charts so I could stitch it. I bought the fabric Rue Green from Silver Needle in Tulsa and my threads from Cecilias Sampler in Branson. I have one whole block finished the boy on the bike and the whale house started. I love stitching this. I am really enjoying it and finding it very difficult to put it down.

I also am ready to start Spiders on the Lizzie Kate Boo club. I also am stitching on a SAL for members on the SamMan Message Board it is a halloween theme also. I love decorating for Halloween.

Next week is the one year anniversary of losing my dad. I will say time and memories have helped me deal with the loss but I would do anything for more time. I only wish he was well and not sick and suffering. I have the day off and plan to spend it with my mom.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Yeah a finish!

I did it. I finished my Lizzie Kate "Love" & I blogged twice in the same week! I also worked 10 hours today. I am running behind on time and it is eating into the exercising time. So I have to be very brief. Here is my finish. Now if I can finish it into a pillow.
I am very excited about my next project. I am going to stitch Bent Creek's Summer Snapperland. I ordered my fabric today so once I have it I can begin. I seen this stitched the other day on a blog I was reading and decided I had to stitch it. I will get a link to that blog later. I really enjoyed reading her blog seeing what she had stitched. I am off to exercise and think about a small stitch or wip I can stitch on tomorrow until I get my fabric.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

If I didn't have to work.........

Oh how wonderful that would be. I know that is not reality but I have to say just the thought of it makes me smile. I work 9.5 hour days Mon-Thurs and only 4 hours on Friday. I like this schedule because it gives me more time off on Friday and I do get to drop off both boys before I go into the office,however, we are in overtime and that shifts my schedule to 10 days and 4 on Friday. I am so tired by the time I get home and there are only so many hours to get done all those mom things and there is really not time to stitch. I love the money from over time I just hate working it!

I am currently stitching on two different Lizzie Kate items. The first on is her newest Boo club. I loved this when I seen it and knew I would have to stitch it. I have completed the first three. While taking pictures lately I have noticed they are very blurry. So I have decided that I need a new camera! Yeah! Until then I am using this old one. Here is the boo club wip..........

I am also stitching on a double flip it from last year. I have wanted to stitch "Love" for a long time now and I decided it would be a fast stitch and pulled it out. Here is a wip of what I have stitched so far. I was much further but then I found I was one stitch off and had to remove a bunch of the stitches. I hope tonight to get time to sit and work in it.

My goal this week is to blog two more times. I have a teenage son & dial up and getting him off long enough to find the time to upload pictures and post is not an easy thing to do. lol. In the next post I am hoping to show "Love" finished. I doubt I will have time to finish it into a pillow but at least I can have the stitching completed. Off to do the mom things and get this teenager off my back. I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sleet + Snow = Stitching

I have been home stitching since Monday night. The weather has been bad for us. We got about an inch of ice(sleeting rain) and then 4-5 inches of snow. So I am home stitching. I completed a variation of LHN's Two Red Houses. I seen this stitched on a blog and loved it so I decided to stitch it for my home. You should really visit her blog.
Here are a couple pics of it.

This is another small finish I want to make this into a scissors fob. I seen this one done on a blog called Hooked on Exchanges. I will add a link to that later. I am running out of time to be on the computer. This design is from a Lizzie Kate Flip it chart. Isn't it cute? I have one more finish but I don't have a picture of it now so I will save that for another day. It is also Little House Needleworks variation. I am off to do some stitching and sewing. I hope everyone is warm and safe inside. I am off to enjoy my day off.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A little stash shopping & new addition

I have been stitching. I really have. Let me think I finished Lizzie Kate's freebie Let it Snow. I am currently stitching Little House Needleworks The Angels Sang. I will post a pic later since I don't have it already uploaded and only a little time to blog. The purchase a lot of my cross stitch charts, floss, & fabric from and right after Christmas they were having a sale so I used my Christamas money to buy the Country Cottage Needleworks Sweet Treats. I have wanted to stitch them since they came out but just hadn's spent the money. I also got La D Da Something Wicked & Bent Creek Land that I love. But I didn't stop there I also bought some carries threads, fabric, and Country Cottage Needleworks Daisy kit.

Now I just want to sit and stitch until they are all completed.

Well I said yes. I didn't think I would but after a little consideration I have decided to add to our family. Until recently I didn't know how wonderful Chihuahua dogs were. We adopted one a free one from a family friend. His name is Spencer our four year old son named him and he is now 6 months old. The mother has just delievered again and we have gone over to pick out our newest addition. I know a lot of people think these dogs are yappy but ours is not. Yes he will bark at noises but there is no excessive barking. This is the most loyal and loving dog I have ever had. It is amazing the bond this little dog has formed with our youngest son. People said this puppy would be attached to one person in the family but that is not the case. He loves everyone and will hang out with however is around. He will even sit on my daughter and her boyfriend lap if they are visiting. I just hope the new puppy and Spencer will get a long as well. Here are a few pics of this new puppy. He is a brown shade in the picture below he is on the right.

I know they look like little rats but they are adorable I promise and have so much love to share. I will post more pics as he gets bigger. We are all very excited. His coloring is so different from our other puppy. Spencer is all white.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Feels like Spring!

I can not belive this it is January 3rd and we were wearing shorts and BBQing today! I had the kids over for dinner and wore capri's with sandals! Okay so it was like 70 here but for January and southern Missouri that is good. It was a beautiful day. My DD and her boyfriend came over and we had BBQ steak then we played mancala with the 4 year old DS. I guess they are calling for snow later this week but it never really amounts to more than a trace.

I am currently stitching and will finish tonight a Lizzie Kate freebie "Let it Snow". I hope to post a picture tomorrow after we come home from the birthday party and pick up the middle DS. He has been gone for a week staying at his cousins during Christmas break. I am very read for his return. I have really missed having him around the house.

Off to finish the dishes.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Finish of 2009

Here is Lizzie Kate's "My Favorite time of the Year" front and back. I stitched it on a scrap piece of linen in my stash I am not sure on the exact color with the dmc threads. I used a red swirl on the back. I have had this chart for a long time and wanted to stitch it but just hadn't taken the time. It was a very fast stitch.

My next project is over one and it is another Lizzie Kate Love never melts from the Tiny Tidings VII. I have a piece of 25 ct dublin flax and will be using the dmc threads.

I leave you with a picture of my youngest son taken today after his sister spiked his hair.

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