Wednesday, September 26, 2007

WIP Friends Come in All Flavors SAL

This is by SanMan Originals. The fabric is Rollercoaster by Sugar Maple Fabrics. The thread is by Silk Strands Sweet.

Has It Been That Long?

I have been so busy this summer that I haven't been able to blog. I need a few more hours in the day to get everything done. In May I was downsized from a company I had been with for 10 years. My dad has been going through chemo treatments for a blood disorder and has congestive heart failure and he has been in & out of the hospital twice this summer. That has take up most of my time. In August I started praying for a job. I applied for two and wanted at least 3 of the ones I heard about. But I decided to leave it up to God and prayed he would put me where he wanted me. When I turn things over to God it is like everything is perfect. He put me at a company that is so wonderful I LOVE going to work everyday. I thank Him everyday for this job. It is a dream come true for me. It is funny how you don't know what you need in your life to ask for it....but God does.

Last Monday my mother in law was diagnosed with breast cancer. Tomorrow we go to the hospital to see if it has spread and cut out the lump. She had a mammogram 5 months ago and it came back fine. She found the lump 2 weeks ago and here we are. My prayer is we caught it early & the doctor's will get it all out. So on that note I am adding a link to the STITCH PINK.

Red Letter