Friday, February 15, 2008

Feeding the birds

With all the ice all over everything the cardinals really stand out. They sing all day long. Such a beautiful picture I found on our local television viewers page.

Life without electricity

After receiving more than an inch of ice we have been without power for 3 days. It would come on go off and come on again and go off only it was off more than on. This is not our first ice storm we had one in January 2007 but I really couldn't tell which was worse. All I know is I really LOVE electricity and never want to live without it again! It is really hard to stitch in the dark.

As of today everything has melted of the trees and roads....the only thing left are piles of ice on the side of roads and parking lots. We have a chance tonight for a little freezing rain but it is very slim. They are mostly calling for lots of rain.

Tomorrow I am going to the LNS to spend my Valentine money. That's right I pass on flowers and accept money to be spent on cross stitch. I can't wait to get to the shop and add to my stash. I do have a few finishes but they post will have to wait for tomorrow. I guess I could also post whatever I pick up tomorrow.

I ordered some patterns and threads during the superbowl which were great sales but I have yet to recieve them. I am so anxious to have threads so I can start my LHN SAL for this month.

I am very thankful for getting through this ice storm. It is not much fun sitting around in the dark wondering if the lights are going to come on or not....or if they will stay on. I feel for anyone going through this. Tomorrow is going to be a better day.

Red Letter