Sunday, March 30, 2008

No blogging

I have not been blogging since February. I have been spending all my free time with my dad. He had congestive heart failure for over 10 years and then last year we found out he had a blood disease and couldn't make enough red blood cells. We have tried different treatments and nothing seemed to be helping. Then in March he feel for the first time. He seemed to be getting better and then a week later he fell again. He was admitted to the hospital and 10 days later went to be with Jesus. I am so glad I had taken off from work and spent that time with him. I appreciate the time and cherish it. It is very hard to go on without him but the suffering had gotten so bad and it was terribly heartbreaking to see him that way. I love him deeply and will remember him in my heart forever. I am so numb. I feel like I am on the outside of my body watching everything going on. There are bad days....Easter weekend was very hard for all of us..and then days we can get through. It has been hard to stitch again but now I am finding peace with this. It is actually helping me keep my mind off dwelling on the loss. I don't mean to go on and on I just wanted to express where I have been.

Red Letter