Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sleet + Snow = Stitching

I have been home stitching since Monday night. The weather has been bad for us. We got about an inch of ice(sleeting rain) and then 4-5 inches of snow. So I am home stitching. I completed a variation of LHN's Two Red Houses. I seen this stitched on a blog and loved it so I decided to stitch it for my home. You should really visit her blog.
Here are a couple pics of it.

This is another small finish I want to make this into a scissors fob. I seen this one done on a blog called Hooked on Exchanges. I will add a link to that later. I am running out of time to be on the computer. This design is from a Lizzie Kate Flip it chart. Isn't it cute? I have one more finish but I don't have a picture of it now so I will save that for another day. It is also Little House Needleworks variation. I am off to do some stitching and sewing. I hope everyone is warm and safe inside. I am off to enjoy my day off.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A little stash shopping & new addition

I have been stitching. I really have. Let me think I finished Lizzie Kate's freebie Let it Snow. I am currently stitching Little House Needleworks The Angels Sang. I will post a pic later since I don't have it already uploaded and only a little time to blog. The purchase a lot of my cross stitch charts, floss, & fabric from and right after Christmas they were having a sale so I used my Christamas money to buy the Country Cottage Needleworks Sweet Treats. I have wanted to stitch them since they came out but just hadn's spent the money. I also got La D Da Something Wicked & Bent Creek Land that I love. But I didn't stop there I also bought some carries threads, fabric, and Country Cottage Needleworks Daisy kit.

Now I just want to sit and stitch until they are all completed.

Well I said yes. I didn't think I would but after a little consideration I have decided to add to our family. Until recently I didn't know how wonderful Chihuahua dogs were. We adopted one a free one from a family friend. His name is Spencer our four year old son named him and he is now 6 months old. The mother has just delievered again and we have gone over to pick out our newest addition. I know a lot of people think these dogs are yappy but ours is not. Yes he will bark at noises but there is no excessive barking. This is the most loyal and loving dog I have ever had. It is amazing the bond this little dog has formed with our youngest son. People said this puppy would be attached to one person in the family but that is not the case. He loves everyone and will hang out with however is around. He will even sit on my daughter and her boyfriend lap if they are visiting. I just hope the new puppy and Spencer will get a long as well. Here are a few pics of this new puppy. He is a brown shade in the picture below he is on the right.

I know they look like little rats but they are adorable I promise and have so much love to share. I will post more pics as he gets bigger. We are all very excited. His coloring is so different from our other puppy. Spencer is all white.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Feels like Spring!

I can not belive this it is January 3rd and we were wearing shorts and BBQing today! I had the kids over for dinner and wore capri's with sandals! Okay so it was like 70 here but for January and southern Missouri that is good. It was a beautiful day. My DD and her boyfriend came over and we had BBQ steak then we played mancala with the 4 year old DS. I guess they are calling for snow later this week but it never really amounts to more than a trace.

I am currently stitching and will finish tonight a Lizzie Kate freebie "Let it Snow". I hope to post a picture tomorrow after we come home from the birthday party and pick up the middle DS. He has been gone for a week staying at his cousins during Christmas break. I am very read for his return. I have really missed having him around the house.

Off to finish the dishes.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Finish of 2009

Here is Lizzie Kate's "My Favorite time of the Year" front and back. I stitched it on a scrap piece of linen in my stash I am not sure on the exact color with the dmc threads. I used a red swirl on the back. I have had this chart for a long time and wanted to stitch it but just hadn't taken the time. It was a very fast stitch.

My next project is over one and it is another Lizzie Kate Love never melts from the Tiny Tidings VII. I have a piece of 25 ct dublin flax and will be using the dmc threads.

I leave you with a picture of my youngest son taken today after his sister spiked his hair.

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