Monday, February 16, 2009

Yeah a finish!

I did it. I finished my Lizzie Kate "Love" & I blogged twice in the same week! I also worked 10 hours today. I am running behind on time and it is eating into the exercising time. So I have to be very brief. Here is my finish. Now if I can finish it into a pillow.
I am very excited about my next project. I am going to stitch Bent Creek's Summer Snapperland. I ordered my fabric today so once I have it I can begin. I seen this stitched the other day on a blog I was reading and decided I had to stitch it. I will get a link to that blog later. I really enjoyed reading her blog seeing what she had stitched. I am off to exercise and think about a small stitch or wip I can stitch on tomorrow until I get my fabric.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

If I didn't have to work.........

Oh how wonderful that would be. I know that is not reality but I have to say just the thought of it makes me smile. I work 9.5 hour days Mon-Thurs and only 4 hours on Friday. I like this schedule because it gives me more time off on Friday and I do get to drop off both boys before I go into the office,however, we are in overtime and that shifts my schedule to 10 days and 4 on Friday. I am so tired by the time I get home and there are only so many hours to get done all those mom things and there is really not time to stitch. I love the money from over time I just hate working it!

I am currently stitching on two different Lizzie Kate items. The first on is her newest Boo club. I loved this when I seen it and knew I would have to stitch it. I have completed the first three. While taking pictures lately I have noticed they are very blurry. So I have decided that I need a new camera! Yeah! Until then I am using this old one. Here is the boo club wip..........

I am also stitching on a double flip it from last year. I have wanted to stitch "Love" for a long time now and I decided it would be a fast stitch and pulled it out. Here is a wip of what I have stitched so far. I was much further but then I found I was one stitch off and had to remove a bunch of the stitches. I hope tonight to get time to sit and work in it.

My goal this week is to blog two more times. I have a teenage son & dial up and getting him off long enough to find the time to upload pictures and post is not an easy thing to do. lol. In the next post I am hoping to show "Love" finished. I doubt I will have time to finish it into a pillow but at least I can have the stitching completed. Off to do the mom things and get this teenager off my back. I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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